Last coffee in #London (Taken with Instagram)

Last coffee in #London (Taken with Instagram)

Oh the Places I’ll Go!

To compile a list of places I want to visit while living in Europe has actually been one of the hardest things to do! I have to keep in mind how much time I have while I’m here! But then again, a girl can hope! So, in no particular order:

- Netherlands (Amsterdam, Friesland)
- Copenhagen
- Paris
- Ireland (Dublin, County Claire)
- Scotland (Glasgow, Edinborough, North Scotland)
- Finland (Helsinki)
- London (Already been twice but will most definitely go again! 

So those are my top places to go but then I threw in a few more for good measure:

- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Germany (Munich, Berlin)

Now, to book flights, get out of school, and pack my bags! 

Getting a bit of a cough over in England. Perhaps this will cure me?

Getting a bit of a cough over in England. Perhaps this will cure me?

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Toured Rochester with our Study Abroad Coordinator today and visited some historical sites around the town: Rochester Castle and Charles Dickens’ Chalet moved here from the seaside. Dickens wrote Great Expectations in Rochester and much of A Tale of Two Cities. It’s so surreal to be in a place with this much history! The reason England has so much history is because it has never been successfully invaded. The closest anyone has come, is the Dutch. Apparently, if you go to Amsterdam, there is a monument dedicated to this. The Dutch army invaded England along the Medway River (pictured here) and began to burn and conquer Chatham but were then thrown out by the English army which came out and down from the river Thames and fought them off. The Medway River and the Thames were some of the English army’s greatest assets when defending the country.

Snail Mail!

If anyone would like to write me here’s my new address!

Victoria Jago
Flat 12 Room D
Sedgemoor House, Doust Way
Rochester, Medway UK
ME1 1HH 

I’ll write back!

Having settled somewhat in Rochester, I began to explore a bit today. My residence is right on the river Stour which gives me a nice body of water to live by so I don’t miss Vancouver too much! There’s not much traffic along the river, at least my part of it, so it looks more like a shipping graveyard featuring sunken tires and boats. Rochester is right beside a larger town called Chatham so I’ve been trekking the 10 minute walk to Chatham to visit the shops there to get necessities. Rochester looks to be a small town and the shops don’t seem to be open on weekends! But Chatham is so close it’s not a worry! I’m trying to solve the mystery of Rochester and why no one else in England seems to have heard of it or knows where it is! 

Learning the Ropes

I have now moved into Rochester to Doust Way UCA accommodation. And I thank my lucky stars that I was able to spend a few days in Brighton with Jess learning the ways of the English! I knew what stores to look for when I got here and how the busses worked, and how to quickly count out change! The two best things I have learnt about/discovered are Primark and Poundland. So many necessities for so cheap! I was able to buy all my bedding for 40 pound and all my dishes, laundry soap, bath stuff etc for 20 pound. So I was able to set myself up with almost everything I needed with only 60 pound. How amazing is that! I wish we had Primark in Canada. I’ve moved in earlier than everyone else (and most people who are still here have gone home for break so I only see their food in the cupboards and trash in the bins) so it’s very quiet around here. The best part about the residences is my own bathroom! I’ll post pictures of my room and flat once I have it set up and my suitcase put away. I think I’ll settle in nicely here!

I arrived in Brighton yesterday after an uneventful trip and once I arrived at my friend Jess’s house, was kept busy being shown around the city, meeting friends and getting lost! But it was good fun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 

Today I explored Brighton by myself, purposely getting lost (with a map in my pocket of course in case I was hopelessly confused) and discovering beautiful things! So far, my impression of England is so lovely! I walked through the Brighton Lanes (small narrow walking streets with cute shops), along the beach and explored the larger shopping streets. I had to keep reminding myself to look right, instead of left, when crossing the street so as to avoid stepping out into an oncoming car. English people drive so fast on such narrow streets! I kept thinking I was on a small side street even though I was in fact on the main road! 

The weather is much warmer here than in Vancouver, and more mild. It hasn’t rained yet, but yesterday it was very misty which made everything damp and dripping but there was no need for an umbrella. Brighton is normally quite sunny I’ve been told so today the sun peeped out from the clouds a little.

My current Phone situation is quite hilarious! I’ve had to switch from my iPhone to a little cheap one and it’s taking some getting used to but it’s a fun challenge! I only paid 9 pounds for this lil guy and for 10 pounds a month (pay as you go) I get 400 free texts and I think 100 minutes! So in total, that was 20 quid for a phone and all the messaging I’ll need for a month. Why doesn’t Canada have options like this? SO easy and so cheap!

Yesterday’s Vancouver (Taken with Instagram at Canada Place)

Yesterday’s Vancouver (Taken with Instagram at Canada Place)